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Blasting - In House 

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AS Blasting & Coatings is proud to offer top of the line blasting services - at great prices.

We use media that includes Australian garnet, copper slag, aluminium oxide, stone grit, recycled glass and glass bead.

We can do quite a bit of blasting in-house - including smaller components, car restoration and garden furniture. Have a look at some of our in-house capabilities.

Vapour Blasting

vapour blasting400x267If you really want the highest quality surface finish, you should look at Vapour Blasting. Suitable for items of numerous shapes and sizes, these wet blasting machines use a vapour method to simultaneously degrease and blast industrial components.

The finish is produced through a flow of water-borne abrasive which allows a much finer finish. Nothing is impregnated into the component. There is no dust, either, unlike that produced in dry blasting.

Typically suitable for ...

aluminium, bronze, magnesium, titanium, brass and copper etc. and will gently clean the surface without damage to items like gasket faces. Vapour blasting produces a satin finish that won’t pick up finger marks, gently cleaning the surface without damaging it. Because the finish is provided by flow, not by impact, it creates a 'soft' finish that is also very easy to keep clean.

Typically used for ...  

Degreasing / surface finishing of components in the automotive, reconditioning & maintenance industries
Cleaning of dies & moulds
Removal of paint, rust, scale, carbon & similar deposits in engineering industries
Surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting or re-coating
Satin finishing of stainless steels & other special materials
Cleaning of PCB's & electrical connectors``
Removal of small burrs from manufactured components

Bead Blasting

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Bead blasting is less damaging to surfaces than typical abrasive blasting. It uses small particles such as quartz sand or small, round particles of glass that are shot with air pressure at a surface to remove coatings or to polish, silicon carbide and stainless steel beads.

While ball-shaped glass beads produce the smoothest finish, ground quartz can also be used to give a shinier, coarse surface that is easier to coat with paint and is more electrically conductive.

Air bead blasting is a fine method of cleaning metal surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium used in the automotive industry, and the softer metals used in jewellery and other decorative metals such as brass, silver, and copper. The process is used to clean corroded metal, to remove cosmetic flaws, and to prepare surfaces for paint or other coatings.

Using a low pressure blasting cabinet, AS can clean small items, such as automotive parts and stainless steel, leaving a uniformed finish or preparing the surface for coatings. Our walk-in blasting unit for larger items is perfect for stainless steel cabinets, vessels and other outsized pieces.

Dry Ice Blasting

The safe way to clean or remove surface deposits without any media debris, solvent action or damage to the surrounding environment.

What can be cleaned or removed with Dry Ice?

3dry ice blue500x373If the substrate is strong enough to resist the effect of the gas generation, it will not be damaged or abraded; and, because CO2 is chemically inert, there will be no chemical reactions to alter the substrate's surface finish. Also, as sublimation takes place on first impact, there is no secondary impact to cause undesirable effects to the surrounding area or localised equipment - all of which combine to make the process safe and ideal for use in an open environment, and as an in-situ tool cleaner.

Some typical customer applications:

aircraft components, automotive interiors, classic cars, chemical plant, curing ovens, dirt and grease from machinery, food processing machinery, moulding tools, engines, packaging machinery, plastic casting tools, rubber moulding tools, turbine blades, boiler membrane walls

Dry ice blasting can also be used for cleaning fire damaged timbers. This has become recognised as a preferred blasting method for listed properties. If you are in any doubt about an application, please arrange for us to conduct a trial in our test facility.

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