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Mobile Blasting

For some of our larger projects, like bridges, power stations or marine, and for other projects such as timber cleaning, it is neither practical nor feasible to do them 'in-house'. AS Blasting and Powdercoatings offers an on-site service to deliver the results you want in the most convenient and practical way possible.

Media Blasting

The 'heavy' side of our business.

grit beforeandafter 500x375How is it used?

Preparing the surface of various materials, i.e. wood, brickwork, steel, cast iron, wrought iron and concrete

Removing corrosion and old paint, using varying grades and types of expendable abrasives

The abrasive cleaning of  surfaces to remove laitance in preparation for repairs and application of coatings

Exposing  aggregate for decorative purposes

These processes can be carried out using a wet or dry blasting method.


Paint Removal and Spraying

Paint Removal

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With Stripper's Paint Removal products, AS can remove most decorative finishes. 

Combining the application of these products with steam cleaning and low-pressure fine media wet cleaning allows us to restore period and listed buildings to their former glory. 

Problems with painted brickwork, such as damp, are usually eradicated. 

We also carry out other sorts of paint removal, eg paint removal from car bodies and other automotive parts.

Don't just take our word for how well our methods work.

Just have a look at the before and after shots of this listed property we restored. 

What do you think?!

Marine Blasting

marine blast500x330With a wide range of abrasive media at our disposal, and years of experience in this field, AS can effectively remove all traces of anti-fouling to leave the surface clean and ready for the application of coatings. Our highly-skilled operators will ensure that the whole process is completed in the minimum of time and to the best quality - leaving everything as clean and tidy as if we hadn't been there.

This wooden clinker boat shows ‘before and after’ cleaning and removal of antifouling. Our process also effectively removes all surface paint and will free steel surfaces from rust.

By using a careful selection of dry abrasive and precision control, we attain the perfect surface for immediate application of coatings without prolonging the exposure to air.

Privacy Statement

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