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Hot Zinc Spraying

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Why use Hot Zinc Arcspray?

The arc spray system is employed worldwide, in countless applications, wherever a metal surface is required to be applied.  It is efficient, cost effective and reliable.

Our Arc spray system achieves higher bond strengths than the usual flame spray system, delivers better quality work, is longer lasting and enables us to carry out even the smallest jobs at competitive prices.

Hot zinc enhances components - weather protection, corrosion resistance, conductivity, friction properties, abrasion resistance, particle corrosion, mechanical properties and decorative finishes. It can also be used for repair work on such things as car bodies, surface finish improvements, base for powder coating, corrosion resistance etc.......

All work is blasted to an SA3 standard before carrying out any Hot Zinc Spraying unless otherwise indicated.

On-site Spraying

airless machine400x267The benefit of airless spraying is that air from the immediate environment, which may have a high moisture content, is not mixed with the paint to create atomisation for spraying.

If air is used to atomise paint, it is likely to cause in-built future corrosion due to the trapped moisture. Atomisation by airless spraying is achieved by compression of the paint by a professional plant to form a spray fan.

The high volume application of the pump used means that the operator is able to coat large areas quickly, while achieving necessary paint thickness, to reach the required standards.


airless 400x267Typical applications for airless spraying include

Bridge painting

Intumescent coating

Structural steel

Farm machinery


electrostatic staircase400x267Electrostatic spraying

AS Blasting & Coatings offers on-site paint applications using various methods such as airless and electrostatic. Electrostatic paint systems permit paint to be applied in confined spaces. This also reduces overspray.

As paint particles are charged, the paint sprays are attracted to the substrate. This process is more environmentally friendly, also reducing the amount of waste.



In-house Spraying

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AS Blasting & Coatings can deliver any type of industrial finish, ranging from structural steel to farm machinery, using 21st Century paint techniques to provide the best available finish.

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